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Your Coach for Deep Connection, Strong Intimacy & Better Sex

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Basirah Rahim is a Sex, Intimacy, and Relationship Coach as well as a Sex Educator.

She is passionate about guiding people in their journey to finding the connection, intimacy, and sex they truly desire by helping them to: connect to their sensual selves, identify their desires, build effective communication skills, establish unshakeable confidence in and out of the bedroom, strengthen the connections they have in their current relationship, or equipping them for success as they seek new relationships.

Basirah prides herself on cultivating a safe space and supports you as you navigate your most intimate and vulnerable thoughts and desires and is there with you step by step as you become your highest, sexiest most connected self.

1:1 Customized Coaching

Coaching that will help you definewho you are in your intimate life, who you want to be, and who you want to share it with.

Basirah Rahim

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